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  • More efficient and reliable power
  • Enhanced customer service
  • More choice and control
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Smart Meter installation process

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What is Smart Grid?

It is the evolution of the nation's utility grid to make it more effective, efficient, and responsive to the needs of our country, the utility industry, and most of all - customers. The Smart Grid will not only give Lakeland Electric more control over its utility grid, it will also give YOU the customer more information and control over your electric use than ever before.

You've installed my Smart Meter. What now?

Program Updates

Lakeland Electric Offers Smart Meter Opt-Out Program Posted 11.08.12, 03:39pm

The Lakeland City Commission voted unanimously 7-0 in favor of a Smart Meter Opt-Out program for Lakeland Electric.  The program will allow Lakeland Electric customers to choose between a smart meter and a digital meter…

Lakeland's Smart Grid


What should I expect during installation?


How do I benefit from the Smart Meter?