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What is Smart Grid?

It is the evolution of the nation’s utility grid to make it more effective, efficient and responsive to the needs of our country, the utility industry and, most of all, customers. The Smart Grid will not only give Lakeland Electric more control over its utility grid, it will also give YOU, the customer, more information and control over your electric use than ever before.

Smart Grid will give you more control over your electricity usage.

A customer portal called FlexNet will be available on the Lakeland Electric site. You’ll be able to log on and view your electric usage on a near real-time basis. You’ll be able to determine your usage patterns hour by hour. And by monitoring your usage, you can reduce your energy costs.

You’ll have a choice of different rate structures; from the tiered structure we are currently using, to various Time of Use (TOU) rate structures. TOU will allow you to take advantage of lower cost rates at off-peak times. And in the near future, you’ll also have the opportunity to select a Pre-Pay option that will reduce or eliminate your deposit. This option will allow you to prepay your electric usage and view the balance on the web or in-home display. So if there is a low balance, you can pay as much – or as little – as you wish.

Additionally, if you’re a senior citizen and you live on a fixed income, Smart Grid technology will allow you to change the date your utility bill is due.

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