An initiative of Lakeland Electric

What is Smart Grid?

It is the evolution of the nation’s utility grid to make it more effective, efficient and responsive to the needs of our country, the utility industry and, most of all, customers. The Smart Grid will not only give Lakeland Electric more control over its utility grid, it will also give YOU, the customer, more information and control over your electric use than ever before.

Lakeland Electric will be able to monitor and control operations and actions within the distribution grid through the use of the two-way communication system that is being installed system wide.

The new Smart Meters will be read every hour with detailed hourly information, instead of the one read per month with one piece of information. After your meter is installed, we will still conduct an in-person comparison reading for a few months. Then your meter will be read from the Lakeland Electric offices, which means no one will have to go on to your property to obtain the electric meter information.

Lakeland Electric will know immediately when and where outages occur, in addition to your report of a power outage. AND, Lakeland Electric will know immediately when the power is restored.

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