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Who is paying for this? View answer

The Lakeland Smart Grid Initiative is a $35 million project. It is being funded by a $15,000,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as a $20 million, 30-year bond. On average, each customer will see an increase of approximately 25¢ on their monthly bill, which will help repay the bond.

You say 25¢ will be added to my monthly bill to help pay for the Smart Grid. Will this amount go up over time? View answer

No. The 25¢ (per 1,000 kWh of usage) is a fixed amount that will not change. This small incremental charge will be included in your base electric bill amount every month. It will help pay off the bond that was necessary to help fund the installation of the Smart Grid system in Lakeland.

What are Time-of-Use rates? View answer

Time-of-Use (TOU) rates will allow you to take advantage of lower electricity rates at Off-Peak times. These rates offer different price levels for different times of day.

During the time period when there is higher usage (Peak) of electricity, the price of electricity is more expensive because we have to use our more expensive-to-operate generators to meet the demand. During the time period when usage is lower (Off-Peak), the price is less expensive because we can use our most efficient units to satisfy a lower demand. The price during the Off-Peak periods is less than our average Standard rate. During the Peak periods the price is above our Standard rate.

If you can move some of your usage from Peak to Off-peak, you have the opportunity to save on your electric bill.

How do I get Time-of-Use rates? View answer

Your new Smart Meter will make you eligible for Time-of-Use rates beginning Fall 2011. Look for a sign-up feature on the website soon.

Will you be offering a pre-paid payment option for customers? View answer

Yes, the new Smart Meters will make this possible. We expect to have this payment option available in Spring 2012.

How can I lower my electric bill? View answer

Your new Smart Meter and the customer website will enable you to make smart adjustments to your power usage. By doing so, you can probably save money on your electric bill. You can change your thermostat level during peak hours. You can put a timer on your water heater or pool pump to keep them from operating as much during the peak hours. Stay tuned for more tips on how you can make easy “hands-on” adjustments to your usage.