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What is a “Smart Grid”? View answer

It is the evolution of the nation’s utility grid to make it more effective, efficient, and responsive to the needs of our country, the utility industry, and most of all – customers. The Smart Grid will not only give Lakeland Electric more control over its utility grid, it will also give YOU the customer more information and control over your electric use than ever before.

Smart Grid technologies, like Smart Meters and Home Area Network devices, are transforming today’s traditional power delivery system into a digital, interconnected, modernized network. These upgrades create new ways for utilities and customers to work together to manage energy usage, save money and help the environment while improving reliability.

Why is Lakeland investing in Smart Grid technology? View answer

The electricity grid hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years. If Lakeland doesn’t expand capacity to keep up with a projected increase in demand of 40 percent over the next 25 years, we could see our healthy grid become increasingly less reliable. Today’s customer needs are growing faster than the current grid can handle. By modernizing our energy delivery system, Lakeland can make its vision of a clean energy future a reality and ensure that the grid continues to serve us at the reliable level we expect.

How can Smart Grid reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and lower our C02 emissions? View answer

Smart Grid can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and lower our C02 emissions in several ways, by:

  1. Embracing renewables, such as wind, solar and biogas – both central and distributed generation.
  2. Increasing the efficiency of the delivery of electricity – enabling us to do more with less, thereby maximizing the use our finite natural resources.
  3. Providing customers with real-time energy use information, which empowers consumers and businesses to make smarter energy choices.
  4. Preparing the grid to integrate and optimize plug-in electric vehicles.

Will a Smart Grid make me give up control as a consumer? View answer

Just the opposite! In fact, you’ll have more control than ever. Smart Grid is all about choice and empowering you to make smarter energy decisions. Utility programs involving applications in your home will be optional and may include incentives.

What other cities and locations are upgrading to a Smart Grid? View answer

Cities throughout the United States are also busy upgrading their electrical grids. Close to home, Miami’s Smart Grid initiative represents one of the largest projects to date in the country.
For exact locations and projects, view this Google map.

Will all Lakeland Electric customers be connected to the Smart Grid? View answer

Yes, Lakeland Electric’s project includes changing every electric meter on the system. This will take approximately 22 months. The projected date for completion of the Smart Grid installation is December 2012.