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Severe Weather and Smart Meters

Tuesday, June 14, 2011  •  News

Most are familiar with the severe weather the mid-west and eastern half of the United States have suffered over the last few months. The storms and tornadoes caused substantial damage and left many residents without power.

In the June 10 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, journalist Kristi Swartz reported on the advantages those hard hit areas with smart meters had in restoring power to their customers. She noted that according to officials at Georgia Power and Alabama’s Southern Company they were able to precisely determine where the power was out, “saving the utilities time and money turning on the lights.” This efficiency came from the smart meter’s ability to communicate where the power is off and when the power is back on. That way the resources of the electric company such as trucks, repairmen and customer service can be allocated to those specific areas in need. Quoted in the article is Ed Carlsen of Georgia Power who stated, “We were able to determine that hundreds of meters were actually on, so that saved us from rolling trucks out there.”

The smart meters that are currently being installed in Lakeland will allow for the same benefits. The smart meter installation will continue through December 2012 and once the majority of meters are installed, Lakeland Electric can determine where the outages exist quickly and pinpoint where to send their manpower; allowing quicker and more precise outage response.

Source: Swartz, Kristi.  ”Meters let companies know where power’s out.” Atlanta Journal Constitution 10 June 2011: A 15. Print