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What is the Shift-to-Save Rate Plan?

The new Shift-to-Save Rate Plan from Lakeland Electric is a good example of how we’re putting smarter – and more economical – power in your hands. It’s all made possible by your Smart Meter and the city-wide network that supports it. As of now, the Shift-to-Save Rate Plan is only available to a randomly selected group of customers as part of a US Dept. of Energy trial study.

How to read your new Smart Meter

This information is primarily for customers enrolled in the Shift-to-Save Rate Plan trial study. However, any Lakeland Electric customer may find it informative.

When configured for a 3-level “Time-of-Use” rate plan, your Smart Meter will display your usage information differently than the previous mechanical meters. While the mechanical meter displayed the amount of kilowatt hours used over the course of your billing cycle, the Smart Meter will display your current electricity usage in a series of readings that rotate between three “Time-of-Use” billing periods (Off-Peak, Mid-Peak and On-Peak).

You will see seven different readings.

Reading 1: “888888″ – A test screen to insure that the LCD read-out is working properly

Reading 2 – “CSt003″ – On-Peak identifier

Reading 3 – On-Peak Usage – displayed in kilowatt hours.

Reading 4 – “CSt005″ – Off-Peak identifier

Reading 5 – “Off-Peak Usage – displayed in kilowatt hours.

Reading 6 – “CSt007″ – Mid-Peak identifier

Reading 7 – Mid-Peak Usage – displayed in kilowatt hours.

If you have any questions or need more guidance on how to read your Smart Meter, please feel free to call Lakeland Electric Customer Service at 863-834-9535 between 7:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays.