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What is the Shift-to-Save Rate Plan?

The new Shift-to-Save Rate Plan from Lakeland Electric is a good example of how we’re putting smarter – and more economical – power in your hands. It’s all made possible by your Smart Meter and the city-wide network that supports it. As of now, the Shift-to-Save Rate Plan is only available to a randomly selected group of customers as part of a US Dept. of Energy trial study.

The bottom line is this: If you can use more of your electricity during Off-Peak hours, you too can save money on the Shift-to-Save Rate Plan.

How to shift your power and keep more money in your pocket.

Now that you know Off-Peak times are the most economical times to use electricity, what can you and your family do to take advantage of that? Here are some ideas:

  • During On-Peak and Mid-Peak hours, or when you’re away from home, adjust your air conditioning thermostat to a higher temperature and heater to a lower temperature – even a few degrees either way can make a big difference!
  • Install timers on electric water heaters or recirculation pumps so they operate mainly during Off-Peak hours.
  • Operate washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers and nonessential appliances during Off-Peak hours.
  • Run pool or spa pumps during Off-Peak hours.
  • Turn off unneeded lights during On-Peak and Mid-Peak hours.
  • Minimize baking and electricityintensive hobbies during On-Peak hours.